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Bizzalley's mobile app lets Businesses take a more proactive approach to reach out to their customers. It is an essential tool for all small businesses that will ensure a lot of free traffic to their business. Bizzalley is primarily free of cost technology that will remain free for life for all the businesses that want to use it.

Through our platform you can promote your business to a wider customer base. You also get free SMS credits every month to reach out to new potential customers. You get access to a dashboard, that allows you to manage your orders/inquires on the go. Since we do not mediate between businesses and customers, You will have full control of how your customers connect with you. Also we do not charge any commission on any orders or inquiries that you get through us.


All these features come to you at no cost, its free. You don’t have any restrictions to use our platform.


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Bizzalley PRO is an upgrade to the free Bizzalley app. Upgrading to a Bizzalley PRO subscription will entitle the Business for a Dedicated Business manager who will manage the online marketing of the business not only on Bizzalley but also on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A Business expert is specialized in your category and will be able to suggest and implement great offers on your profile. He will also run various SMS  campaigns for you and manage your business content online. You will get higher SMS credits every month to reach out to more potential customers. So what this means is you can relax and focus more on the core responsibilities of your business and let the Business expert take care of online marketing management.

The business expert will be able to manage and grow your customer and ensure overall Business Development.

PRICE : Starts at $85.00/mo.

|Graphic Designing|

PRICE : Starts at $20.00

Presenting your Business to the customers in the best possible manner is of great importance for any Business. And for that reason our creative Graphic Designers work with you closely in delivering great looking designs that will portray your business in a way that you want it to be. We offer you unlimited revisions to get you the best results. Through affordable pricing and a professional approach we are bound to gain your trust. With a wide range of Graphic designing services there is something for everyone.


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With us your idea of a perfect Logo or Design is now a reality

|Digital Marketing|

PRICE : Starts at $25.00

Today is the age of Digital and Online Marketing. Sometimes advertising online can seem very complicated and confusing. Spending thousands of dollars on techniques that do not guarantee results can be harmful for the business. This is where our team of Digital marketing geeks come into picture. They are equipped with the best of techniques to grab and reach out to the right potential audience. We will be an extension of your existing marketing team to drive great results. Try our services and you will be delighted.


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